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Nick Bubb's report from the Volvo Ocean Race

Thursday, 20 November 2008

As I write this I’m sitting in my waterfront appartment in Cape Town, looking out to sea reflecting on just how good life is. On Saturday I will start my second leg as a Volvo Ocean Race sailor and this time also have the distinction, or maybe distraction, of being a watch leader on Team Russia as well as the boat captain. Whilst I reflect on events of the past few months, it is hard not to think about how I’ve ended up here and all the people I owe so much to for supporting me through my fledgling career.


One of the biggest turning points was undoubtedly when the John Merricks Sailing Trust decided to support my Mini Transat campaign back in 2003. The grant I received from the trust help me develop the potential of the boat I’d just built and got me out racing successfully against the best sailors that the predominantly French circuit had to offer. It effectively saw my passion for sailing turn into a professional career as subsequently this support lead to finding commercial sponsors for other campaigns.


Initially I decided to continue my Mini Transat career before briefly campaigning a 30 ft trimaran and then onto Class 40s, in which I raced the Route du Rhum and Transat Jacques Vabre. Next up was a stint with ECOVER the Open 60, helping Mike Golding prepare for the Vendee Globe and racing the fully crewed events, before signing on with Team Russia for the 2008/9 Volvo.


Anyway I hope my brief account of the ups and downs (yes there were some but I’ve conveniently chosen to forget them) of my offshore sailing career will help a few similarly motivated people realise that with a bit of support anything is possible and you just need to keep chipping away and the rewards will come. Once again, thank you to all at the JMST!!


Cheers, Nick


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