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Winter 06/07 Deck Replacement

Tuesday, 27 March 2007
Winter 06/07 Deck Replacement
Over the winter the Farr 45 ‘John Merricks’ spent a couple of months in the shed at Hamble Yacht Services while work was done on the deck.
The result is that the boat is both more structurally sound, has less possibility of water getting into the core and looks much smarter!
Firstly, all the deck fittings had to be removed and stored so that it was possible to work out what went where once we came to refit them. Fittings were stored in freezer bags, which were labelled and then placed in storage crates.
Next, the whole of the existing top layer of deck, which had many holes and partial repairs, was removed. This was worryingly easy to do, and the competition to remove the biggest section in one go resulted in a piece of old deck around the size of a small dining table! At this point, a plastic tent was constructed over the whole boat, using lengths of wood and rope for support – rather like building a den as a child!
After this, the underlying structure had to be made fair, which involved hours of filling and sanding to get the required finish. Finally, the new paint was applied in three stages, with careful masking in the correct areas to get the required finish.

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