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Big Boat Series 2

Friday, 27 April 2007
Event: Big Boat 2
Date: 21-22nd April 2007
Report by: Catherine Alton
The second Big Boat weekend was sailed in 0 – 10 knots. The racing was extremely close all weekend, with the whole fleet being within about 3 or 4 boat lengths of each other at one finish.
There was a noticeable improvement in our starting over the weekend culminating in one of the best starts in the fleet on the Sunday.
There were some great tactical calls from the back of the boat, which saw us gaining places and leading at some points. When it didn’t go as plan, I thought that some potentially tricky situations were saved by some quick crew work to help recover. People were alert at the back of the boat and saw when the bow needed an extra hand.
The communication had definitely improved from the first big boat weekend, and there was a clear chain of communication work along the boat.
Over the two days, attention was paid to where people should be hiking, following on from the coaching day with Mike Richards. Over the weekend, when there was wind, we ranged from having everyone behind the shrouds, to 2 in front of the shrouds.
I’d like to thank Hannah for a good lunch yet again and to Jez and Matt for teaching me loads about doing bow!
Members of the RYA Volvo Keelboat Programme, who sail aboard ‘John Merricks’ would like to thank everyone who support them, the Programme and most importantly the Boat which has been kindly loaned to them by the John Merricks Sailing trust.

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