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Tiger Trophy 2010

Over £4,000 raised at the 2010 Rutland Challenge for the John Merricks Tiger Trophy 

Rutland Sailing Club 6 - 7 Feb 2010

Merlin Rockets dominated the 2010 Tiger Trophy

Matt BIGGS and Ben HOLLIS from Blithfield SC in a Merlin Rocket,  won the 2010 Tiger Trophy from fellow Merlin sailors, Stuart BITHELL and Ed GRAY.  Andrew WILDE in a Phantom from Carsington,  takes the final podium position.

The 2010 Tiger Trophy was run in misty conditions and generally light winds.

The Rutland Challenge for the John Merricks Tiger Trophy is one of the UK's premier winter sailing regattas now in its 17th year.  The format of the event has not changed since the Tiger Trophy was adopted as a regatta to raise money for the John Merricks Sailing Trust  (JMST) with a large proportion of the entry fee going directly to the JMST. 

Three races are sailed back to back on Saturday and the fleet is divided into fast and slow handicap fleets, but all sailing the same course. This enables average lap times to be established over the whole fleet and an overall winner decided. Following the TIGER DINNER on Saturday evening, the annual Tiger Trophy Pursuit race on Sunday is non-discardable and has for many years been the downfall of some exceptional sailors. The final challenge to win all four races and the special £1000 bounty has still not been met.

The Tiger Dinner is held to raise money for the John Merricks Sailing Trust and to reflect one of John's principle attributes, the ability to enjoy himself in the company of fellow sailors. (His other was the ability to sail fast!) 

Final Results 2010

Photos 2010

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