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JMST presents new Optimists

Optimists presented at Royal Lymington Yacht Club

Jeremy Bennet writes, "I can think of no better way to commemorate the tragic loss of a young sailor in a car crash than the events of December 10th 2011 at the Royal Lymington Yacht Club."  
"There was hardly a dry eye in the crowd as two brand new Optimists, sails and kit were presented to Charlotte and Millie Boyle at the club.  The twins' exhausted old kit had achieved the almost impossible. Taken under the wing of George Heathcote, the Boyles had risen through the ranks of Optimist sailors despite vintage kit that was almost as old as the twins.  Despite the obvious handicap the twins worked hard to join the top ranked sailors in the country for their age.  Though never complaining, they would obviously feel a little sad as over the years a steady stream of new boats turned up in the dinghy park for their friends."  
"It was therefore a truly magical moment when the twins were presented, helped by an award from the John Merrick Sailing Trust, with two beautiful Winner boats with brand new North p4 sails plus all the ancillary essentials.  Many people helped stretch the JMST grant to make this possible.  Special thanks go to North Sails UK and IBI who have helped make this happen."
"Chris and Nicky Boyle led the tears of joy, but all joined in.  If John was looking down I suspect he would be proud as punch to see his name associated with the perfect spirit of Christmas moment."
Charlotte christens her boat with a big smile.

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