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6000 Optimist Sail Number up for auction

Thursday, 19 November 2009

6000 Optimist sail number up for auction 

Your chance to bid for the much sought after Optimist sail number '6000'.

The International Optimist Association is auctioning sail number '6000' to the highest bidder. All proceeds from the auction will go the John Merricks Sailing Trust.

Bidding will be online and will open on

7pm Thursday 3 December 2009 and close at

7pm Sunday 13 December 2009

Start bidding now! - A link to the bidding page will appear here when bidding opens on Thursday 3 December at 7.00pm.

All proceeds from the auction will go to the John Merricks Sailing Trust.  

“This is a fantastic opportunity for everybody to have a shot at owning this unique sail number.

There are a lot of superstitions surrounding sail numbers, particularly round numbers which many people believe to be lucky. So to own a cherished sail number like 6000 is something really special. We hope that everyone will have a bid and help to raise money for the John Merricks Sailing Trust.   David Baddeley, Technical Officer for the International Optimist Class Association (UK)

Donated by the RYA

The sail number 6000 has been kindly donated by the RYA, (Royal Yachting Association) an Issuing Authority for Optimist sail numbers in the UK, to the International Optimist Association. 

“We wanted to do something special with the 6000th Optimist sail number so we are delighted that the International Optimist Association have chosen to auction the number in order to raise money for the Trust”.Bas Edmonds, RYA Technical Manager

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